Fact Sheet:
West Desert Pumping Project

Operating Facts
Volume pumped, April 10, 1987, to June 30,
1989: 2.73 million acre-feet

Pumping Rate
One pump: 450,000 gpm (1,000 cfs)
Two pumps: 900,000 gpm (2,000 cfs)
Three pumps: 1,350,000 gpm (3,000 cfs)

Type: Ingersoll-Rand vertical axis mixed flow
Impeller: 3 blades, 119 in.dia., 12,000 lbs.
Shaft: 10.7 in. dia., 45.5 ft. long, 18,750 lbs.

Gear Drive
Weight: 36,000 lbs.
Speed ratio: 22.37
Manufacturer: Brad Foote Gear, Inc., Cicero, IL

Dimensions: 27 ft. 11in. long, 11ft. 10 in. wide,
    17 ft.10 in. high, 16-cylinder 3,500 hp rating,
    16.25 in. bore, 18 in. stroke
Operating speed: 330 rpm
Weight: engine and skid - 162,800 lbs.
Manufacturer: Dresser-Rand, Painted Post, NY
A contract for procurement of pumps, gear drives
   and engines was awarded to Ingersoll-Rand,
   Painted Post, NY, for $7,829,378.68

Pumping Plant
Dimensions: 110 ft. long, 55 ft. wide, 85 ft. high
Engine deck elevation: 4230
Sump bottom elevation: 4175
Construction: Steel and reinforced concrete
   (13,000 cu. yds. of reinforced concrete)
Contractor: Layton Construction Co., Salt Lake
   City, UT
Engineer: Eckhoff, Watson and Preator
   Engineering and Morrrison-Knudsen Engineers,
Original bid: $7,891,378.68
Final cost: $10,387,560

Outlet Canal
Length: 4.1 miles
Bottom elevation: varies between 4207 to 4210
Bottom width: varies between 75 to 100 ft,
Top width: varies between 120 to 150 ft.
Operating depth: minimum 10 to 11 ft.
Slope of canal: avg. .18 ft. per 1,000 yds.
Material dredged: 640,000 cu. yds.
Contractors: Southern Pacific Transportation
   Co./Lost Dutchman, Inc.
Engineer: Eckhoff, Watson and Preator

Access Road
Length: 10 miles
Height: 13 ft.
Width: 18.5 ft.
Volume of fill: 1.2 million cu. yds., Lakeside to Hogup
Bridges: 4 (3 - 150 ft. long, 1 - 180 ft.long)
Contractor: Southern Pacific Transportation Co.
Engineer: Eckhoff, Watson and Preator Engineering
SPTC's contract included excavation of the
   pumping plant foundation, excavation of the
   Outlet canal, construction of four bridges,
   reconstruction of the damaged 10-mile long
   causeway, and raising 25 miles of railroad track
   for a total of $22, 980,000

Bonneville Dike
Length: 24.4 miles
Height: 3-6 ft.
Volume of fill: 486,500 cu. yds.
Rip rap: 152,000 cu. yds.
Contractor: W. W. Clyde Construction,
   Springville, UT
Contract: $3,872,845

Newfoundland Dike
Length: 8.1 miles
Height: 3-7 ft.
Volume of fill: 249,000 cu. yds.
Rip rap: 85,000 cu. yds.
Control weir: 1,000 ft. long
Contractor: Herm Hughes and Sons,
   Bountiful, UT
Contract: $2,464,030
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